Kitchen Cabinets

Our luxury line of kitchen cabinets, drawers, and counter tops brings a whole new level of sophistication to your home. Sleek lines, beautiful materials, and discreet organization changes the way you envision a modern kitchen. You can create these customized kitchens for you and your family. Just choose your favorite style of kitchen cabinets, counter tops, faucets, sinks, and appliances. Then we will create a design for your new dream kitchen. It is best that you contact us for an initial design meeting.

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High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets

We have high gloss kitchen cabinets manufactured with a new and unique varnishing technology. Special UV-coatings that prevent discoloration even in direct sunlight. High gloss kitchen cabinets create a modern and elegant feel while providing superior protection. We have common colors like white kitchen cabinets, black kitchen cabinets, and gray kitchen cabinets. Yet we also have many other colors, and shades to choose from.  

Matte Kitchen Cabinets

Our matte kitchen cabinets add wonderful texture, warmth, and a wonderful look. Unlike high gloss cabinets our matte lacquered kitchen cabinets are have glare free surfaces. Showcasing the smooth texture and colors of the cabinets. From light colors to black cabinets. Making simple colors look luxurious. Matte kitchen cabinets can be used to create a modern kitchen design as well as a more traditional style.

Light Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Soft tones and light wood kitchen cabinets create a light, modern, and clean look to your kitchen. These kitchen cabinets are made to look and feel just like natural wood. While providing superior durability and at a fraction of the cost. Light wood to darker wood colors on these kitchen cabinets. We have different textures and colors that you can use to design your new kitchen.

Classic White Kitchen Cabinets

We also sell the classic white kitchen cabinets. That create a luxurious feel to you kitchen. Our manufacturers carve a single piece of wood for each cabinet door front. This helps to ad durability to each door. Then the traditional design is topped off with real gold, silver, and copper patina for an aged look. This will create a kitchen space with a more traditional aesthetic that will last for ages.

Industrial Kitchen Cabinets

We also offer industrial type kitchen designs for commercial, architectural, and restaurants. These award winning steel constructed cabinets offer that modern industrial feel while being very light weight. These are great in commercial applications for their stain resistance, and durability. We have various options to choose from including concrete inspired door fronts.

Our kitchen designs are created by award winning craftsman. Contact us today to get started creating the kitchen of your dreams.

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